Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Hole Saws designed for cutting tough Brittle Materials such as Marble, Slate, Composites, Masonry and Fibreglass

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Spear Point Tungsten Carbide Tile & Glass Drills

Click here or Image for large Close Up

Clean Fast Holes In Ceramic Tile, Marble, Concrete & Glass

Click Here to see Self Centering Spear Point Tile & Glass Drill

Click Here to see Spear Point Tile & Glass Drill Cutting Through Ceramic Tile

Click Here to see Spear Point Tile & Glass Drill Cutting Through Marble & Slate

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We are currently working on a range of Diamond Grit Edge Blades to compliment our range of Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Saw Blades, this will allow us to supply a range of blades capable of cutting holes and shapes in not only ceramics but porcelains too. Check our product Menu for details.

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